Story Itinerary

Mirrored Sword is the story of a journey through England in the year 1470, and it is divided into two parts, titled The Dance and The Tour. The first part takes us southwards from Lincolnshire to London, and the second part is the reverse journey, back north to Lincolnshire: a narrative mirror, loaded with surprises. Actually it’s a bit like a House of Mirrors in an old-fashioned amusement park, where a parade of images not only reverses but warps the passer-by. The there-and-back adventure is assembled in 85 chapters, each named after its location, usually a town or a city, and these are bundled into 31 sections, named after the dates when the places are visited. Confused? Think of it as an itinerary. 

Below is a list of the places visited, here sequenced for convenience from north to south. The dates of the visits are listed alongside. Italicised dates are from The Dance, and those in brackets are from The Tour.

  • Bourne: 7-18 February;  [13-14 March]
  • Grimsthorpe Castle: 7, 16 February
  • Spalding: [14-15 March]
  • Fens and the Wash: 24 February; [15-16 March]
  • Stamford: 19 February; [12 March]
  • Fotheringhay: 19-20 February; [10-13 March]
  • Huntingdon: 20 February; [9-10 March]
  • Royston: 21 February; [8-9 March]
  • Ware: 23 February; [7-8 March]
  • Hampstead: 24 February
  • London: 24 February -2 March; [3, 4, 6 March]
  • Southwark: 9, 25, 28 February, 2 March; [3-6 March]
  • Westminster: 9 February, 1 March; [4-6 March]

The Dance covers 17 Days between February 7 and March 2 (some days are uneventful and are not recorded); The Tour covers 14 Days between March 3 and March 16. Some Days in the story are listed as religious events, such as Ash Wednesday (March 7), and one is listed according to the terminology of the medieval calendar: Ides of March (15th March).