Featured At Reedsy Discovery!

I had a wonderful surprise this morning. Reedsy Discovery emailed me a notice that I had made it into their Featured list for this week. Reedsy is a big outfit for self-published authors. I checked out their notice and soon learned that I am top of their list for historical fiction.

You can check it out here https://reedsy.com/discovery

My head is still spinning while I try to understand what I should do next, and while I brood on something I did yesterday that could make a mess of this golden opportunity.

What did I do yesterday?

Oh boy, Amazon! The world’s online store ain’t called Amazon without good reason. Venture into that jungle, you and your product might never be heard of again.

“Dr Livingston, I presume!”

“No, Allan Hands. Is that English explorer lost here too? Where is the exit?”

So let me explain what went wrong at Amazon, before I explain what I am going to do about my Featured status at Reedsy. Amazon is where all self-published authors enrol their books. It gives access to a worldwide market without incurring any production costs. Trouble is, like all DIY, the savings you make by doing it yourself are often squandered by the mistakes you make as a complete amateur. Which brings me back to yesterday.

Yesterday I realised that I had ‘published’ one of my books without securing all the advantages of copyright. In other words, I had not ticked the box for D.R.M. (please don’t ask what it means). The only way I could reverse the situation was unpublish the book and recreate it on Amazon under a different ASIN (don’t ask). Unfortunately, this has unlinked the kindle and paperback formats for my series of two books, MIRRORED SWORD PARTS ONE & TWO, which means, if you are looking for a particular format, you might have to poke around before you find it. Amazon being a jungle, you could get lost trying to find the right format. Which means I could lose a customer!

If anything is destined to keep a self-published author awake all night, it is the nightmare scenario of losing a customer. Customers are rare specimens, more beautiful than the most glorious butterfly, lightly floating through the jungle from one blossom to another, until disappearing forever into the thickly tangled foliage, a golden opportunity never to be recovered.

Kindly allow me a few moments to regather my composure.

Okay, I can cope. So, let’s return to the burning question: what am I going to do about my sudden good luck, winning Featured status at Reedsy? Good question! Well, I am an author, so I’ll write something to settle all my feelings of excitement (more customers looking for me!) and also feelings of disappointment (more customers getting lost!)

Which is what I did just now.

Published by Allan Hands

Allan Hands is a pseudonym for the author of 'Mirrored Sword', his first venture into historical fiction. The name was cut and pasted from the names of his grandfathers to make an easy handle on his books.

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