Time flies, as they say, and I’m not good enough with a shotgun to bring it to a sudden stop, or even a temporary halt, otherwise I would have posted more stuff by now. So this current post is just to keep things up to date, as well as give my blogging mind and fingers some much needed practice.

My alter-ego, Allan, continues his progress along many fronts, not in the dashing manner of a General MacArthur or Patton perhaps, but a Montgomery, gradually accumulating an overwhelming advantage before daring to dip a toe in the heat of battle. All my toy soldiers are in place. I now have cover designs for the the two books (Part One and Part Two), both of them suitable for publication as ebook and POD (Print On Demand), and now I am debating in my own mind when and how to introduce the covers to my adoring public.

I have already had both covers converted into animated jpegs, as an aid to advertising. The animation is of a subtle kind: the cover designs are manipulated with small but significant movements that some viewers will congratulate themselves on having noticed at all. You could say I prefer a significant impact on a few people to an insignificant impact on a lot of people, or you could say things just turn out a certain way. Publishing is a bus without brakes and you must go with the flow.

Social Media? Um, I hate that stuff. The pursuit of virtual ‘friends’ generates an inane whirlwind of commitments and controversies, drawing ever more speakers into ever larger storms, finally manifesting in public life as political pogroms and character assassinations. A lot of damage is being done to our social and political fabric by this kind of insanity, but we can’t get away from it, and therefore we can’t turn our backs on it – at least, not completely. I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and something else whose name I have forgotten for the moment – hence the ’41 followers’ of this blog i.e. people who ‘Like’ something I posted somewhere, but not people who are actually in the habit of following this blog. I have tried some ads in Facebook and Twitter, just to see how it might work. The results suggest to me that my involvement with social media sites could end up being restricted to ads most of the time.

Meanwhile, how about the story? I’m still in the final phase of copy-editing and revising, probably with more revising than I can sensibly take on at this late stage. But I ask myself, in a noble manner: what’s the point of self-publishing if you don’t aim to produce a classic that goes on selling itself forever! Damned right. Any fool can churn out something formulaic at least once every year or so, but only a special kind of fool creates a masterpiece. In other words, while I am notionally committed to publishing something in April (if only an Advanced Review Copy), I am more or less resigned to a publication date later in the year, hopefully July, and probably later.

Photo by Elina Sazonova on Pexels.com

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