First the Book, Now the Movie

Mirrored Sword was conceived and written with a cinemagraphic eye for appearances, which is a fancy way of saying the author has watched so much television over the years, he/she films scenes in the imagination rather than just captures them in words. Characters aren’t shadowy entities mouthing the occasional dialogue. They are embodied presences that enter, exit and move through scenes in the realistic yet iconic manner of famous actors. The creative process might someday end up working the other way, actually turning the book into a movie.

Being gifted with cinemegraphic talent, or Holywood-sized ego, what could be more natural for Allan than to produce a short film advertising his/her book! Yes, Allan has scripted, directed, starred in and produced a promotional video. Yet it wasn’t talent that brought this about so much as desperation. Self-publishing is a big ask, the lone author struggling to stay afloat in a vast ocean of other authors, all shouting to get heard, all fighting for a place in the lifeboats. If you don’t wave and holla for attention, nobody will even know you are there. Fortunately, an out-ot-town, unknown rookie with pizazz can now try his/her hand at Hollywood stuff all by his/her ownesome, thanks to the wonders of technology.

You see, Dear Viewer, Allan must face facts. Mirrored Sword might not astonish the world in one fell swoop. The world might have to be given a nudge in the right direction, and then another nudge, until at last the penny drops in the public mind: Wow, this book really is an epic! That’s why Allan has spent a bit of money buying into a video-making website, where he/she can gradually hone his/her skills for the day the novel is published – the day the author turns promoter instead. That should be in April 2020.


Yeah, so it’s not an Oscar-winner yet, but stay tuned. Things can only get better.

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